What happened?

I started this website with the intention of doing reviews of the gear that I use when I’m in the mountains, climbing, skiing,…

The thing is, I stopped buying gear, and I really don’t care about reviewing stuff anymore. Period.

A change was bound to come

I changed my mind. I often do. I realised that consumption is a vicious circle. Once you start consuming, it never ends. No matter how much money you make you will always find ways to spend it. And I don’t want that anymore. So I stopped consuming, mindlessly shopping for stuff that I want, but never need. Stuff that brings joy to my life for a couple of days and then just weighs me down. Financially, but also mentally. Honestly, there are very few things that make me happy in life: Sports, Music, Women. Oh yeah, food and sleep, too. But everything else is just luxury. Nobody needs a TV, a sports car or a mansion to be happy. We are all just slaves to a system that makes us chase after an endless dream.

Capitalism? It’s a trap!

I have been a minimalist for years. But not the kind of minimalist that I am today, but the kind of minimalist that likes to travel light, that likes to do long distance hikes and mountaineering as light and with as little stuff as possible. Problem was, I didn’t really translate these ideals to my everyday life. The things I consumed eventually consumed me, and for a while I stopped doing the things that I truly enjoy in favor of endless hours of research on what speakers to buy for the expensive amp I bought when I was perfectly happy with listening to music over my headphones; or on what display to use to connect my Macbook to while I was perfectly happy with the built in screen. All this ended, quite abruptly, when I realised that I had worked every day for half a year, and nothing to show for it but a room cluttered with expensive electronics I didn’t need and the feeling that I had to use all this expensive crap because I had payed top dollar for it. Basically, all this stuff chained me to my room, making the act of going outside and actually living ever so harder.

I am not a normal person

I live between the extremes, I’m either black or white. If I do something, I usually go all in. So I decided I needed to change my ways, to become a more frugal and deliberate person. This time, I went from hoarder to minimalist, and so far, I love it. In the coming weeks, there will probably be more posts, but about stuff that really matters in life, and most definitely no reviews.

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